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Each issue of ;login: contains material that is free to everyone from the get-go, even though most of the issue is restricted to members for a year after publication. The editor's Musings or MOTD, Book Reviews, USENIX Notes, Conference Reports, and Standards Reports are always open to everyone. In addition, each issue since 2004 contains one or more articles of broad interest that are made available to all. For your convenience, we have collected them for you here.


Btrfs: The Swiss Army Knife of Storage by Josef Bacik


The Halting Problems of Network Stack Insecurity by Len Sassaman, Meredith L. Patterson, Sergey Bratus, and Anna Shubina

NoSQL by Greg Burd

A RESTful Web Service for Internet Name and Address Directory Services by Andrew Newton, Dave Piscitello, Benedetto Fiorelli, and Steve Sheng

Mesos: Flexible Resource Sharing for the Cloud by Benjamin Hindman, Andy Konwinski, Matei Zaharia, Ali Ghodsi, Anthony D. Joseph, Randy H. Katz, Scott Shenker, and Ion Stoica

LISA '11: Theme—"DevOps: New Challenges, Proven Values" by Thomas A. Limoncelli and Doug Hughes

Apache Hadoop: The Scalability Update by Konstantin V. Shvachko

Getting Started with Configuration Management by Cory Lueninghoener

Namespace Management in Virtual Desktops by Dutch T. Meyer, Jake Wires, Norman C. Hutchinson, and Andrew Warfield


Introducing Capsicum: Practical Capabilities for UNIX by Robert N.M. Watson, Jonathan Anderson, Ben Laurie, and Kris Kennaway

A System Administration Parable: The Waitress and the Water Glass by Thomas A. Limoncelli

Ceph as a Scalable Alternative to the Hadoop Distributed File System by Carlos Maltzahn, Esteban Molina-Estolano, Amandeep Khurana, Alex J. Nelson, Scott A. Brandt, and Sage Weil

MINIX 3: Status Report and Current Research by Andrew Tanenbaum, Raja Appuswamy, Herbert Bos, Lorenzo Cavallaro, Cristiano Giuffrida, Tomáš Hrubý, Jorrit Herder, Erik van der Kouwe, and David van Moolenbroek

LISA: Beginning the Journey by Matt Simmons

HDFS Scalability: The Limits to Growth by Konstantin V. Shvachko

Building and Installing a Hadoop/Mapreduce Cluster from Commodity Components: A Case Study by Jochen L. Leidner and Gary Berosik


The Conflicts Facing Those Responding to Cyberconflict by David Dittrich

Improving TCP Security with Robust Cookies by Perry Metzger, William Allen Simpson, and Paul Vixie

Chips and Static Electricity by Rudi Van Drunen

Cumulus: Filesystem Backup to the Cloud by Michael Vrable, Stefan Savage, and Geoffrey M. Voelker

Secure Provenance: Protecting the Genealogy of Bits by Ragib Hasan, Radu Sion, and Marianne Winslett

Difference Engine by Diwaker Gupta, Sangmin Lee, Michael Vrable, Stefan Savage, Alex C. Snoeren, George Varghese, Geoffrey M. Voelker, and Amin Vahdat

Package Managers Still Vulnerable: How to Protect Your Systems by Justin Samuel and Justin Cappos


Masquerade: Simulating a Thousand Victims by Sam Small, Joshua Mason, Ryan MacArthur, and Fabian Monrose

Solaris Virtualization Options by Wenjin Hu, Todd Deshane, and Jeanna Matthews

Benchmarking Amazon EC2 for High-Performance Scientific Computing by Edward Walker

"Standard Deviations" of the Average System Administrator by Alva Couch

Storm: When Researchers Collide by Brandon Enright, Geoff Voelker, Stefan Savage, Chris Kanich, and Kiril Levchenko

Data Corruption in the Storage Stack: A Closer Look by Lakshmi Bairavasundaram, Garth Goodson, Bianca Schroeder, Andrea Arpaci-Dusseau, and Remzi Arpaci-Dusseau

The Present and Future of SAN/NAS: Interview with Dave Hitz and Brian Pawlowsky of NetApp Interview by Margo Seltzer (The full transcript of the interview is also available.)

IPv6: It's Time to Make the Move by Mark Kosters and Megan Kruse

Achieving High Performance by Targeting Multiple Parallelism Mechanisms by Michael D. McCool

Fear and Loathing in the Routing System by Joe Abley

From x=1 to (setf x 1): What Does Configuration Management Mean? by Alva Couch


Command and Control Structures in Malware: From Handler/Agent to P2P by David Dittrich and Sven Dietrich

Why Some Dead OSes Still Matter by Andrey Mirtchovski and Latchesar Ionkov

Building BitTyrant, a (More) Strategic BitTorrent Client by Michael Piatek, Tomas Isdal, Tom Anderson, Arvind Krishnamurthy, and Arun Venkataramani

A Brief History of the BSD Fast File System by Marshall Kirk McKusick

Ext4: The Next Generation of the Ext3 File System by Avantika Mathur, Mingming Cao, and Andreas Dilger

Autonomic Computing: Freedom or Threat? by Glenn Fink and Deb Frincke

Commodity Grid Computing with Amazon's S3 and EC2 by Simson Garfinkel

Roadmap to a Failure-Resilient Operating System by Jorrit N. Herder, Herbert Bos, Ben Gras, Philip Homburg, and Andrew S. Tanenbaum


The Underground Economy: Priceless by Team Cymru

Algorithms for the 21st Century by Stephen C. Johnson

DataMonster: Building a Cost-Effective, High-Speed, Heterogeneous Shared File System by Mark Uris

A Comparison of Disk Drives for Enterprise Computing by Kurt Chan

Disks from the Perspective of a File System by Marshall Kirk McKusick

Modular System Programming in MINIX 3 by Jorrit N. Herder, Herbert Bos, Ben Gras, Philip Homburg, and Andrew S Tanenbaum

/dev/random by Robert G. Ferrell

Why Configuration Management Is Crucial by Paul Anderson


Monoculture on the Back of the Envelope by Dan Geer

A Summary of Savvy Backbone Defense by Raven Alder

DNS-based Spam Rejection by Hobbit

Primer on Cybercrime Laws by Daniel L. Appelman

Musings by Rik Farrow

Finding Malware on Compromised Windows Machines

Musings by Rik Farrow

SAGE-News Article on SCO Defacement by Rob Kolstad

Voice over IP with Asterisk by Heison Chak

The Profession of System Administration by Mark Burgess

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