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During the first year of this project we have succeeded in building about 12 network nodes in the Leiden area. These nodes are interlinked with their neighbors by 802.11b links and have access points to accommodate users to connect wireless to the network. Applications currently in use are various VPN connections of enterprises giving their employees access to the company network, schools with different locations connected to each other, a video server and some gaming applications.

As of March 2003 a large Internet provider is sponsoring the Wireless Leiden Foundation with a number of high speed (8 Mbit/s) DSL connections. Without raising big routing and peering problems the first phase of integrating Internet connectivity to the Wireless Leiden network a number of proxy servers [Squid] and captive portals [NoCat] are being deployed to allow the clients to surf the Internet using http and https only. In the meantime, a more definitive network design that allows multiple ISPs to use the infrastructure is being developed.

Due to the achieved outdoor coverage of the network, applications that require mobile use of the network are possible. These applications are currently being developed by users of the network. We are investigating how these applications will use the network and what additional features they might need (e.g. roaming functionality and / or the use of MobileIP [MobileIP]).

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Rudi van Drunen 2003-04-08