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Abstracts - 12th Systems Administration Conference (LISA '98)

WebWiseTclTk: A Safe-Tcl/Tk-based Toolkit Enhanced for the World Wide Web

Hemang Lavana and Franc Brglez
North Carolina State University


The WebWiseTclTk toolkit is an enhancement of the existing feature set of Safe-Tcl and Safe-Tk that does not compromise security. The toolkit re-defines the functionality of the auto_load mechanism in Tcl such that it works for packages located anywhere on the World Wide Web. It also re-introduces several commands not available in Safe-Tk such as toplevel and menu to provide a much richer feature set of Tk commands. The toolkit is written entirely in Safe-Tcl/Tk and uses the home policy for running applications as Tcl-plugins.

The toolkit supports (1) creation of new Web-based Tcl applications with greatly enhanced functionality, and (2) migration of existing Tcl applications to the Web by merely writing an encapsulation script. We demonstrate the capabilities of the WebWiseTclTk toolkit by readily creating an encapsulation script for Web-based execution of the Tk Widget Demonstrations, distributed with the core Tcl/Tk.

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