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Abstracts - 12th Systems Administration Conference (LISA '98)

Internet-based Desktops in Tcl/Tk: Collaborative and Recordable

Amit Khetawat, Hemang Lavana, and Franc Brglez
North Carolina State University


This paper addresses issues that arise when a peer group, distributed across several time zones, uses the Internet to configure and execute distributed desktop-based applications and tasks. The paper provides solutions and Tcl/Tk implementations to support (1) peer-to-peer communication/control of distributed software and computing resources over the Internet; (2) recording and playback of interactive execution of Tcl/Tk applications and collaborative sessions.

The summary of 540 Internet-based experiments, each relying on RecordTaker and PlaybackMaker to record, playback, and execute ReubenDesktop configurations from local, cross-state, and cross-country servers, demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed concepts and implementation.

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