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Abstracts - 12th Systems Administration Conference (LISA '98)

Iclient/Iserver: Distributed Objects using [incr Tcl]

Lee F. Bernhard
Bell Labs Innovations for Lucent Technologies


Iclient/Iserver is a simple distributed object framework for [incr Tcl] applications that enables its clients to synchronize activities and share information. Using Iclient/Iserver, clients can access objects living on a remote server tranparently, making building client/server applications both easy and intuitive. Iclient/Iserver is conceptually similar to the widely used CORBA standard, but is much simpler, intended for building smaller, client/server applications where the cost and complexity of a CORBA implementation cannot be justified.

In this paper I describe the use of Iclient/Iserver for sharing server objects among clients. I explain the underlying architecture and implementation of the distributed object system. I conclude by illustrating how to use Iclient/Iserver to build a simple networked version of the card game Hearts.

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