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USENIX Technical Program - Abstract - 7th Tcl/Tk Conference - February 2000

Collaborative Client-Server Architectures in Tcl/Tk: A Class Project Experiment and Experience

Franc Brglez, Hemang Lavana, Zhi Fu, Debabrata Ghosh, Lorie I. Moffitt, Steve Nelson, J. Marshall Smith, and Jun Zhou, North Carolina State University


This paper presents a class software project that was part of a recent experimental graduate course on Frontiers of Collaborative Computing on the Internet. We chose Tcl/Tk to facilitate rapid prototyping, testing, and demonstrating all phases of the project. The major milestones achieved during this course are:
  • rapid proficiency in Tcl/Tk that allowed each student to manipulate data and widgets, apply socket programming principles, and create a progression of client/server applications, from textbook cases to a unique client/server architecture prototype - driven by and matched to a well-defined collaborative project driver.
  • universal server that supports any number of user-configurable clients, each accessible through a Web-browser on a Mac, Windows, or UNIX platforms. Prototype client configurations include: (1) collaborative document composition, (2) collaborative Tcl/Tk debugging and compilation, (3) collaborative design workflow.

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