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MILLIPAGE is implemented as a win32 library on Windows-NT. It exports several APIs for the use of application development. Its interface includes an initialization routine, spawning local and remote threads, a memory allocation routine, and common synchronization calls such as barriers and locks.

Applications can be compiled with any standard compiler. They should then be linked with the MILLIPAGE and the FM libraries. The final executable integrates the DSM run-time system with the application code and can be started concurrently on several hosts. Figure 4 shows the process of preparing an application to run on top of MILLIPAGE. Since MILLIPAGE is multithreaded and its architecture supports multithreaded applications, only a single instance of the application should be executed on each host, even if this host is a multi-processor ( SMP) machine.

Figure 4: Preparing an application for execution on top of MILLIPAGE. The final executable includes both the application code and the MILLIPAGE libraries.
\fbox{\epsfxsize=.8\textwidth \epsfbox{compile_link.eps}}\end{figure}

Ayal Itzkovitz and Assaf Schuster, The Technion