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Short Topics in System Administration

SAGE presents these booklets to the system administration community. They are intended to fill a void in the current information structure, presenting topics in a thorough, refereed fashion but staying small enough and flexible enough to grow with the community.

#17: LCFG: A Practical Tool for System Configuration
by Paul Anderson

#16: A System Engineer's Guide to Host Configuration and Maintenance Using Cfengine
by Mark Burgess and Æleen Frisch

#15: Internet Postmaster: Duties and Responsibilities
by Nick Christenson and Brad Knowles

#14: System Configuration
by Paul Anderson

#13: The Sysadmin's Guide to Oracle
By Ben Rockwood

#12: Building a Logging Infrastructure
By Abe Singer and Tina Bird

#11: Documentation Writing for System Administrators
By Mark C. Langston

#10: Budgeting for SysAdmins
By Adam Moskowitz

#9: Backups and Recovery
By W. Curtis Preston and Hal Skelly

#8: Job Descriptions for System Administrators, Revised and Expanded Edition
Edited by Tina Darmohray

#7: System and Network Administration for Higher Reliability
By John Sellens

#6: A System Administrator's Guide to Auditing
By Geoff Halprin

#5: Hiring System Administrators
By Gretchen Phillips

#4: Educating and Training System Administrators: A Survey
By David Kuncicky and Bruce Alan Wynn

#3: System Security: A Management Perspective
By David Oppenheimer, David Wagner, and Michele D. Crabb
Edited by Dan Geer

#2: A Guide to Developing Computing Policy Documents
Edited by Barbara L. Dijker

#1: See #8 above

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