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The POSIX Bookshelf

by David Blackwood

Standards Reports Editor

This is the second in a series of articles that will provide you with a list of published sources of information about the POSIX family of standards. This month I will list some of the titles available from commercial publishers.

Go Solo 2: The Authorized Guide to Version 2 of the Single UNIX® Specification, edited by Andrew Josey, The Open Group, May 1997, ISBN 0-13-575689-8.

Programming with POSIX Threads, by David R. Butenhof, Addison-Wesley, May 1997, ISBN 0-20163-392-2.

The POSIX Programming Environment, by S. Walli, Addison-Wesley, January 1997, ISBN 0-20163-345-0.

Pthreads Programming: A POSIX Standard for Better Multiprocessing, by Bradford Nichols, Dick Buttlar, and Jacqueline Proulx Farrell, O'Reilly & Associates, September 1996, ISBN 1-56592-115-1.

POSIX.4: Programming for the Real World, by Bill O. Gallmeister, O'Reilly & Associates, January 1995, ISBN 1-56592-074-0.

Open Systems Handbook: A Guide to Building Open Systems, by James Isaak, Kevin Lewis, Kate Thompson, and Richard Straub, The IEEE Standards Press, 1994, ISBN 1-55937-435-7.

UNIX, POSIX and Open Systems: The Open Standards Puzzle, by John S. Quarterman, Addison-Wesley, January 1993, ISBN 0-20152-772-3.

POSIX Programmer's Guide: Writing Portable UNIX Programs with the POSIX.1 Standard, by Donald A. Lewine, O'Reilly & Associates, April 1991, ISBN 0-93717-573-0.

The POSIX.1 Standard: A Programmer's Guide, by Fred Zlotnick, Addison-Wesley, April 1991, ISBN 0-80539-605-5.

O'Reilly & Associates also has a Web-based course, "Introduction to POSIX Threads." Information on this course is available at <>.

If you have information about other POSIX-specific books, training, or other resources, please email me at <>. Thanks.  


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