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Recent Publications from The Open Group

by Andrew Josey

Andrew Josey is the Director, Server Platforms, for the Open Group in Reading, England, and the chair of the Austin Group.


Networking Services Issue 5.2
Abstract: The Networking Services (XNS) Issue 5.2 Technical Standard defines the industry-standard Open Systems interfaces to communication services. These comprise the Sockets Interface and the X/Open Transport Interface (XTI). The Sockets Interface (part 2 of the Standard) is now the main industry-standard interface. XTI (part 3 of this Standard) is now considered obsolete, so writers of new applications using the Internet Protocol Suite (IPS) are recommended to use Sockets rather than XTI. Where protocols for which there is no sockets support are in use, XTI is still recommended in preference to proprietary APIs. XNS 5.2 supersedes the previous XNS publication, XNS Issue 5 C523 (Feb 1997). The most important new feature is the inclusion of Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) functionality, in a manner that is aligned with the relevant IETF IPv6 standard (RFC 2553).

The Web version is available at <>.

Transport Provider Interface Version 2
Abstract: The Transport Provider Interface (TPI) Standard defines an interface for drivers that provide transport services in a networking environment. The TPI defines the set of messages and their formats that the driver must generate and process. This specification is firmly based on the TPI specification originally produced by UNIX International (UI).

The Web version is available at <>.

Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) Version 2
Abstract: The Data Link Provider Interface (DLPI) Standard defines a STREAMS kernel-level instantiation of the ISO Data Link Service Definition DIS 8886 and Logical Link Control DIS 8802/2 (LLC). Where the two standards are not aligned, DIS 8886 prevails. The DLPI interface enables a data link service user to access and use any of a variety of conforming data link service providers without special knowledge of the provider's protocol. Specifically, the interface is intended to support X.25 LAPB, BX.25 level 2, SDL C, ISDN LAPD, Ethernet, CSMA/CD, FDDI, token ring, token bus, Bisync, Frame Relay, ATM, Fibre Channel, and HIPPI. This list will be added to as new protocols are deployed.

The Web version is available at <>.

The HTML versions of the above can be accessed without restriction. Members of the Open Group, including participants in the Austin Group, can use their Web ID and password to access the PDF versions.


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