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A New Editor


edited by Nicholas M. Stoughton

USENIX Institutional Representative


I have been acting in the role of USENIX Standards Reports Editor for over six years now and have had the opportunity to publish many new developments in the world of standards to you over that time. When I first took on the position, I worked with Jeff Haemer, who acted as the USENIX Institutional Representative (IR). Jeff was later replaced by Stephe (pronounced Steve) Walli, who had been my predecessor as snitch editor. After Stephe changed jobs and had to relinquish the IR position, in 1997 we combined the two roles of Institutional Representative and Reports Editor into one position, where I have been both voting on behalf of USENIX and editing the various articles.

Well, the time has come for me to split the position back into two and continue the tradition of the editor becoming the IR. I will continue to be the front-man in the various meetings and balloting groups, acting as the USENIX IR. David Blackwood, whom many of you may have met in his various positions within the Canadian standards world and as a regular LISA attendee, has agreed to step in as the new "snitch" editor.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for the good comments and feedback you have sent me over the last six years. I hope you will make David feel as welcome as you did me!


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