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You can download latex2html from


latex2html -split 0 -show_section_numbers -local_icons -no_navigation foo.tex

Then edit the HTML a little bit. For example, the internal links to the tables and the table numbers don't always come out properly.

Joseph Lorenzo Hall adds that the Mac version tends to eliminate spaces after footnotes. You can fix this with a sed command:

sed 's/<\/SUP><\/A>/<\/SUP><\/A> /g' < index.html > index2.html
(Then mv index2.html index.html.)

Joe Hall also graciously offers his Makefile, which should require very little editing.

Dan Tsafrir points out that you may need to edit /etc/latex2html.conf:

  • To deal with the problem of underlined math formulas (which occurs with recent TeX versions), replace
    $DVIPSOPT = ' -Ppdf -E';
    $DVIPSOPT = ' -E';
  • To eliminate the ugly gray background of figures that messes up transparency, replace
    $LATEX_COLOR = "\\pagecolor[gray]{.7}";
    $LATEX_COLOR = "";

Navendu Jain offers some additional tips:

  • In $HOME_DIR/.latex2html-init or /.latex2html-init

    Set $DVIPSOPT =''; # setting ='-E' option doesn't always work
    Set $LATEX_COLOR = ""; # to remove gray image backgrounds
  • latex2html doesn't support "ifthen" package. However, if the boolean conditions to \ifthenelse are content-independent i.e., specified once in the LaTex header file (e.g., a techreport flag), then a simple fix is to:

    Define a new command in the header file: e.g.,
    # assuming text in the first argument text goes to tech report # and the second to the camera-ready version

    Do global string replacement of (e.g., using :argdo %s vim commands)
    \ifthenelse{\boolean{tr}} --> \ifthenelsetr

A site for tth is

These instructions, from an author who gave up on latex2html, have worked well for a number of people:

cat foo-head.html > foo.html
cat foo.tex | tth -r -Lfoo -e2 | grep -v '\<title\>' >> foo.html
cat foo-tail.html>> foo.html
# knowingly overwrite the version generated by tth
>eps2png -png -output extattrfile.png extattrfile.eps

I.e., rely on tth for most aspects of the conversion, including inlining the images, but strip the <title> and prepend/append your own headers and footers to set background color to white, provide a cleaner title, etc. Then regenerate the png at a slightly nicer resolution (82 dpi).

A site for hevea is

It runs very fast and generates good html.

However, the figures have to be converted by hand to jpgs or pngs and included.

Caveat: If you declare the \title & \author sections after \begin{document}, hevea may drop them from the html output. But if you declare them before \begin{document} (in the preamble), it works fine. (Tip courtesy Mike Kasick)

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