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USENIX honors members of the community with three prestigious annual awards which recognize public service and technical excellence: The Lifetime Achievement (Flame) Award, The Software Tools Users Group (STUG) Award, and The SAGE Outstanding Achievement Award recognizing outstanding achievement in system administration.

2011 Call for Nominations for the Three USENIX Awards

Note: Nominations for 2011 are now closed; nominations were due by January 31, 2011.

The USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award
Details of the award and past recipients can be found here. The USENIX Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes and celebrates singular contributions to the UNIX community in both intellectual achievement and service that are not recognized in any other forum. The award itself is in the form of an original glass sculpture called "The Flame," and in the case of a team based at a single place, a plaque for the team office. The award will be presented in June during the 2011 USENIX Federated Conferences Week in Portland, OR, at the opening session of USENIX ATC '11.

The Software Tools Users Group Award
Details of the award and past recipients can be found here. The Software Tools Users Group Award recognizes significant contributions to the general community that reflect the spirit and character of those who came together to form the Software Tools Users Group (STUG). This is a cash award.

STUG and the Software Tools effort wered characterized by two important tenets. The first was an extraordinary focus on building portable, reusable libraries of code shared among multiple applications on wildly disparate systems. The other tenet, shared with the UNIX community, is "renegade empowerment."

The Software Tools Users Group gave users the power to improve their environment when their platform provider proved inadequate, even when local management sided with the platform provider. Therefore, nominees for the STUG Award should exhibit one or both of these traits in a conspicuous manner: a contribution to the reusable code-base available to all or the provision of a significant enabling technology directly to users in a widely available form.

The SAGE Award for Outstanding Achievement in System Administration
Details of the award and past recipients can be found here. This annual award goes to someone whose professional contributions to the system administration community over a number of years merit special recognition.

The members of the USENIX Awards Committee are John Arrasjid, Jeffrey Bates, Steve Bourne, Æleen Frisch, Dan Klein, Tom Limoncelli, Timothy Lord, Jim McGinness, Brian Noble, Ted Ts'o, and Clem Cole (chair).

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