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Ryan Jacoby
Antoine W. White
Ben Aylor
Alyson Prorock
Dept. of Systems Engineering, University of Virginia

Faculty Advisor
Manuel D. Rossetti

$14,080 on 7/1/98

To support undergraduates and supplies to support the Java Simulation Library (JSL): An Object-oriented Simulation Framework in Java.

Java Simulation Library (JSL): An Object-Oriented Simulation Framework in Java Abstract
This project offers a unique learning experience for the students to be involved in research-based inquiry and to design, develop, and implement something of use to the simulation community. The proposed project is the development of a Java Simulation Library, JSL, pronounced "jissle." The JSL will be of general benefit to the simulation community both as a research tool and a medium for teaching simulation from the object-oriented perspective. The project's objectives are to design, develop, and implement an object-oriented simulation framework based on Java. This will entail the following tasks:

  • to develop an analysis and design model of our framework using the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
  • to examine and document any design patterns and design heuristics used or found within the simulation framework
  • to document the JSL API using Java Doc and explanatory UML models
  • to implement our designs in Java
  • to evaluate and test Java's potential as a basis for an object-oriented simulation language

A small set of domain specific simulation models will be implemented using the framework. The models will serve as a test bed for verification and validation of the framework's capabilities. In addition, performance testing will be performed using the latest Java compiler technology to document simulation run-time performance.

Current Status as of 10/98
We are in the initial analysis phase of the project.


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First posted: July 10, 1998 pc
Last changed: Nov 19, 1998 jr
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