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John J. Strauman, ,College of Engineering, CS Major, University of South Florida

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Dewey Rundus

$17,600 on 10/7/97

To provide support for this student in the development of a financial management program in Java.

WebChek Abstract
WebChek was originally designed to function as an on-line checkbook register that would allow users to access their bank account information via the world wide web. The program is written entirely in 100% pure Java. The first release was not designed to allow access to actual bank records, but was merely to allow people sharing bank accounts with others to access current information at any time. For example, if a husband on a business trip wrote a check, he could enter the check into WebChek via the web. When his wife checked their account at a later time, she would see the check he wrote.

Current Status as of 3/98
A lot of work has gone into putting the security and network functionality needed to run this applet over the World Wide Web. The original applet ran to access information. I have been approaching companies for more funding, as well as banks that might want to participate in some testing, but with no success so far.


User's browser must be JDK 1.1 capable


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