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Tadayoshi Kohno, University of Colorado

Faculty Advisor
Professor Evi Nemeth

$5,200 funded 4/98

To provide support to develop/support libSSH for one year at 10 hours per week.

SSH Library and Windows Client (libSSH and WinSSH) Abstract
libSSH is a platform-independent library that supports the client-side of a Secure Shell (SSH) connection. WinSSH is a sample implementation of a Windows SSH client that uses libSSH.

Current Status as of 4/98
The libSSH version 0.0.1 alpha has been released and is being independently incorporated into other Windows SSH clients. Feedback from alpha testers are being incorporated into the beta release of the library. LibSSH has been tested under several Unix platforms and Windows 95/NT.

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First posted: May 21, 1998 jd
Last changed: July 10, 1998 jd
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