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Selena Brewington
Richard Holleman
University of Oregon

Faculty Advisor
Ginnie Lo

$3,600 awarded 12/1/98

SANTA is a Java system administration tool that establishes a GUI environment for administration of a heterogeneous network. The project incorporates Browser, Whiteboard and Administrator functions. The Browser gives a subnet-level view of an arbitrary network. The Whiteboard is a Group creation environment that allows an administrator to group together networks to reflect actual administrative domains. The Administrator employs plug-in technology to apply various functions to Nodes. The GUI accepts plug-ins for various administrative tasks, and our development team plans to develop the Churchlady plugin and application. Churchlady is a UNIX system analyzer that will perform tripwire-like checks on selected binaries, interface with package management tools and other system maintenance utilities, and automate various other security-related functions (using existing UNIX utilities).

Current Status as of 12/98
Work begins on Jan 4 (start of Winter term).



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