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Bruce Duncan,, Loyola College in Maryland

Faculty Advisor
Dr. David Binkley

$2,000 on 10/17/97

Funding for student to develop a Java Class Browser to aid in the instruction of object-oriented principals. It will be capable of browsing Java source files and Java class files and will be portable across multiple platforms.

Abstract: CoffeeBar
As the number of university programs using Java as the introductory object-oriented programming language has increased, the need for an instructional class browser has become apparent. CoffeeBar is a Java based class browser intended for teaching object-oriented concepts. It can browse the system classes included in the Java distribution, student compiled Java bytecode, as well as Java source. By using a familiar browser-like navigation system, CoffeeBar is able to present all attributes of a class in a manner which is clear and understandable to the Java or object-oriented novice.

Current Status as 0f 3/98
CoffeeBar is currently at version 0.8. It can browse system classes (meaning those classes in the CLASSPATH), Java bytecode (.class files), and Java source (.java files).

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