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Thanos Papathanasiou
Institute of Computer Science
Foundation for Research and Technology
Hellas and the University of Crete

Faculty Advisor
Evangelos Markatos
ICS-FORTH and the University of Crete

$19,000 awarded 9/1/98

Scientists always need to stay informed about developments in their field. The increasing number of printed and electronic papers makes it increasingly difficult for a single person to keep up with all the relevant information that (s)he might be interested in. Simply put, there are too many sources of (potentially) useful information, many more than any single person has the time to track. It would be very useful if there were a tool that could filter all the available sources of information and deliver only useful papers to interested scientists. In this project we develop PaperFinder, a tool that continually searches digital libraries of scientific publications, filters only the relevant papers, and delivers them to interested scientists through a friendly user-interface.

Current Status as of 10/98
The work on this project is well under way.



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First posted: 11 Feb 1999 jr
Last changed: 9 Mar 2000 bleu
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