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James M. Armitage, Worchester Polytechnic Institute
Bari Perelli-Minetti, Worchester Polytechnic Institute

Faculty Advisor
John M. Rulnick

$2,000 on 10/17/97

To cover equipment and publications for a project that will analyze the reliability and economy of common forms of RAM, development of publicly available software tools for this analysis, and dissemination of the results.

Memory Reliability  Abstract
Should your next workstation, or your company's next server, have error-detecting/correcting memory? If not, what are the risks? If so, what is a reasonable cost? Our research addresses these questions through investigation of the causes of random irreproducible ("soft") errors, analysis of engineering, economic, and other factors affecting the design and fault-tolerance of random access memory, and the study of the effects of soft errors on system operation.

Current Status

The Web site is under construction. We expect it to be ready in late April.


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