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University of California, Santa Cruz

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Darrell Long

$18,220 funded 4/98

To provide support for an undergraduate student for one year and a server-class PC, to improve system performance in particular latency and prefetching.

Improving File System Cache Performance Through Reference Pattern Modeling Abstract
Through simulations it can be seen how the actions of file systems are related and how these relationships can be exploited to improve the performance of file system cache. Past research found several issues, model size, adapting to local activity and infinite stream length, that needed to be addressed in order for a reference stream model to be practical and effective in tracking the events of a file system. In this project we will implement predictive caching models within a PC UNIX to provide complete validation of this work.



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First posted: May 21, 1998 jd
Last changed: Nov 12, 1998 jr
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