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Karen Bridges, Cheong Sin, Michelle Zhang, Jane Crowson, Jeffrey Liu
Texas A & M University, Computer Science Department

Faculty Advisor
Dr. David Leasure

$5,980 on 10/17/97

For reference materials, tools, and travel funds for several students to present results of project at a conference. The project will design and develop a web/database/geographic information system to collect, concentrate, analyze and distribute data for the Texas Watch Program. It is expected that this project will generate useful software to support volunteer data collection efforts over a wide range of applications.

Texas Watch Program Abstract
This project is the design and implementation of a World Wide Web-based information system to collect, concentrate, analyze and distribute environmental data.  It involves partnerships  with public school districts, educational programs (Adopt A  Wetlands) and state agencies (Texas Natural Resource Conservation Commission).

Current Status as of 3/98
A working model prototype of the system has been designed and placed on the web for controlled testing purposes.  It includes an electronic data input form, data report request output forms and maps. This working model prototype is currently being reviewed and tested by a state agency and a secondary education honors institution.  The working model is also being modified to accommodate a variety of environmental data, ranging from water quality to ecosystem habitat.

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