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Tulika Mitra and Anindya Neogi, second year Ph.D. students
SUNY at Stony Brook, Computer Science Department

Faculty Advisor
Tzi-Cker Chiueh

$21,000 on 2/12/97

To provide a student stipend for 18 months for a project to modify the file system under FreeBSD to provide special support for interactive multimedia applications.

Multimedia File System Abstract
MMFS extends the UNIX File System (UFS) specifically to support interactive multimedia applications. MMFS supports a two-dimensional file structure for single-medium editing and multiple-media playback environments. The API allows the communication of application-specific information to MMFS for performance optimization.

MMFS significantly improves interactive playback performance by supporting intelligent prefetching and state-based caching, prioritized real-time disk scheduling, and synchronized multi-stream retrieval. In addition to improved response time for VCR-like playback modes, the MMFS optimizations lead to minimal synchronization skew during multi-stream retrievals, and orders-of-magnitude reduction in response time for editing operations, when compared to UFS.

Current Status as of 3/98
A local disk-based MMFS has been completed, together with a video editor that exploits MMFS's features. Continuing to work on the network extension of MMFS. 

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