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Muralidharan Rangarajan and Florin Sultan
Rutgers University, Department of Computer Science

Faculty Advisors
Liviu Iftode and Thu Nguyen, Department of Computer Science

$44,000 on 7/1/99

Support for two graduate students for one year and equipment related to the project.

Project Results

High-Performance Fault-Tolerant Distributed Shared-Memory for Linux-based PC clusters
The project aimed at exploring the potential of VIA-based interconnect in providing a robust and efficient distributed shared memory environment on linux-based clusters. The work was successfully completed and the results are excellent.

The DSM runtime package for Linux-based clusters of PCs can be downloaded from here. The key feature of this package is that it virtually transforms a Linux-based cluster into a shared-memory parallel programming environment identical (from the programmer's point of view) with the multiprocessor one. A paper describing the implementation and the performance at the protocol will be presented at the 4th Annual Linux Showcase & Conference, Atlanta.

We have also developed a highly scalable fault tolerance scheme based on independent checkpointing exclusively. A description of this work can be found at


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First posted: July 10, 1998 pc
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