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Ryan Finnin Day, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Oregon Graduate Institute 
Hao Zhao, Computer Science and Engineering Department, Oregon Graduate Institute 

Faculty Advisor
Crispin Cowan

$7,200 11/1/98

Support one year assistantship for a graduate student, to automating the discovery of application dependencies on RedHat Linux OS. 

InDependence: Automating the Discovery of Application Dependencies
In order to maintain any system, system administrator must determine all the dependencies (including libraries, programs, files, etc) of the software on a particular platform.  We plan to use the existing software (rpm, ldd, and strace) on the RedHat Linux OS and develop new programs such that system administrator can get a list of all dependencies of any given software on any kind of hardware.  By doing so, we not only ease the task of a system administrator, but also reduce the cost of maintenance. 

Current Status as of 01/99 
Started.  Recursive dependence discovery working for installed software.  Generalization under development



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First posted: 22 Feb 1999 jr
Last changed: 22 Feb 1999 jr
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