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Students of the Dept. of Computer Science, New Mexico Institute of Technology

Faculty Advisor
Victor Yodaiken

Grant A & B
$14,000 on 5/96 & $18,000 on 5/97

Funding A
To fund stipends for one graduate student and 2 undergraduate students to work on Linux development, specifically to port Linux to the Power PC architecture, add real-time control capabilities to Linux, and optimize and improve kernel code.

Funding B
To support a graduate student and a summer stipend to continue advanced work involved in OS development, mainly focused on Linux, with a significant BSD component. The work will also extend and improve the Real Time Linux subsystem to offer a superior alternative to Window/DOS based Lab control and data acquisition systems, with ports both to other architectures and to BSD.

Real-Time Linux Abstract
Real-Time Linux is an extension to Linux that handles time-critical tasks. RT-Linux shares a PC between a small hard-real-time kernel and standard Linux, so that the PC can be used for applications like data acquisition, control, and robotics while still serving as a standard Linux workstation.

Current Status as of 3/98
Several thousand users of the standard version, at least many hundred of the smp version should be integrated into standard Linux 2.3. A new web page and user manual are in the works.

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