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Dave Hearn, FSU College of Engineering
Computer and Network System Administration

Faculty Advisor
Dr. David Kuncicky

$6,090 on 5/9/97

To fund a graduate student 3/4 time during the summer and to purchase a SCSI drive for data storage. To create an extensible, modular collection of public domain tools.  This will alleviate the problems and time-consuming tasks that sysadmins face in the analysis of system logs in response to operational anomalies or intrusion.

Session Tracker Abstract
Session Tracker is a domain-wide security/logging tool, which compiles login session information in an SQL database and provides a Tcl/Tk interface to that data for ease of interpretation.

Current Status as of 3/98
Major coding complete. Initial paper written, submitted, and rejected by USENIX program committee. I am working on modifying the code and revising the paper for later submittal.

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