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Jon Howell, Dartmouth College
Department of Computer Science

Faculty Advisor
David Kotz

$14,318 on 5/22/97
$14,967 on 7/1/98

Support for one student, who is developing the Snowflake prototype system.

Snowflake Abstract
Snowflake is an experimental distributed architecture that creates single-system images that span administrative domains. Traditional clusters allow system administrators to construct a single-system image from networked computing resources, but a user that accesses resources in different administrative domains still sees multiple system images. Snowflake defines interfaces for software that emphasize resource aggregation within the user's control, ensuring that a user can always construct a personalized single-system image including all of the resources he or she can access.

Current Status as of 6/98
We have created interfaces and implementations of the user-controlled namespace, built a persistent object store, and begun construction of applications that demonstrate the Snowflake philosophy.

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