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Keith A. Smith
Division of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University

Faculty Advisor
Margo Seltzer

$19,206 on 9/98

I grew up in New York City, and attended college at Yale University, graduating in 1987 with a B.S. in computer science.

After graduating, I moved to Boston, where I got a job with a Cambridge- based software compnay called VenturCom, Inc. I spent five years there, writing device drivers and file systems, and adding real-time features to VENIX, VenturCom's UNIX product.

In 1992, I returned to school (at Harvard) for my masters. This brief taste of academia whetted my appetite for computer science research, and I decided to stay on for my Ph.D. My research has focused on extensible operating systems, file system architecture, and file system benchmarking. I expect to finish my dissertation, ``The Architecture and Performance of an Extensible File System,'' in the spring or summer of 1999.

In the small bits of time I can spare from my research and my new daughter, Maddie, I enjoy listening to music (mostly jazz and opera), reading poetry, watching baseball (Go Mets!), solving crossword puzzles, quilting, and baking pizza.



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