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Dan Ellard
Department of Computer Science
Harvard University

Faculty Advisor
Dr. Margo Seltzer

$ 30,896 on 4/99

Dan grew up in New Jersey, then attended Harvard, where he graduated in 1986 with a BA in Computer Science. He then worked for BBN for ten years, hacking on underwater weapon systems, parallel processing, distributed scheduling, speech recognition, logistic and planning tools for the Department of Defense, and a few other odds and ends. Along the way, Dan earned a MS in Computer Science from Harvard, and became very interested in both distributed systems and teaching.

In 1996, Dan returned to Harvard once again and entered the PhD program in CS. He quickly learned that both teaching and doing research in distributed systems are very difficult and time-consuming tasks, but also well worth the effort. He is currently working on his dissertation, which is concerned with issues related to fault-tolerant, distributed and efficient data storage and retrieval. He is also spending some time working with Professor Margo Seltzer on ANT, a educational tool for teaching CS students about computer architecture, whose development is funded by the NSF.

Dan and his wife live among the undergraduates on the Harvard campus, serving as academic advisors and tutors. They enjoy music, museums, trips to the beach, cooking, and interacting with the fascinating faculty and students there. In their spare time, they wish they had more spare time.

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