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USENIX Technical Program - Paper - Proceedings of the The Sixth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop, 1998    [Technical Program]

Pp. 205–206 of the Proceedings

Tcl/Tk Program Development Tools

Clif Flynt (

Flynt Consulting Services

9300 Fleming Rd., Dexter, MI 48130, USA

One of the tricks to getting your job done efficiently is having the right tools for the job. There are plenty of tools available for developing Tcl applications.

This poster gives a quick description of several tools that are in use in the Tcl community. If the tool you need is not mentioned here, try checking the Neosoft search engine at, the Scriptics Resource Center at, the announcements in comp.lang.tcl, or the FAQs at

The posters describe:

Code formatters
frink Reformats code into a standard style, for easy comprehension.
Primary Site

tcl_cruncher Reformats code into a style that optimizes for interpreter efficiency. This program also does some syntax checking.
Primary Site*

Code checkers
tclCheck Checks for balanced brackets, braces and parentheses.
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tcl_lint Checks for syntax errors, unset or non-existent variables, incorrect procedure calls, and more.
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tclparse Checks for syntax errors, missing dollar signs, and other errors.
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Don Libes's Debugger This is a text oriented package with support for setting breakpoints, examining data, etc.
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tuba This is a GUI based package with multiple windows for both Tcl and Tk.
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TdDebug This GUI based package can attach itself to an already running Tk application.
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TclPro Debugger This is a full featured, GUI based package from Scriptics that can debug remote or embedded applications as well as those on the local host.
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GUI generators
SpecTcl SpecTcl creates a GUI skeleton for a Tk program.
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Tcl Compilers
ICEM Tcl Compiler The ICEM Tcl Compiler translates Tcl code into C code to improve performance.
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Jan Nijtmans's plus-patch This patch applies some minor bug fixes, extends the shared library support, and makes it possible to convert Tcl scripts into executables that can run when Tcl is not installed.
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Scriptics TclPro Compiler Generates Tcl bytecode files that can be evaluated by Tcl 8.0.3 interpreters with the appropriate extension.
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Tcl Extension Generators
swig Swig creates Tcl extensions by reading the function and data definitions from an include file.
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Tcl Packagers
Scriptics TclPro Wrapper Wraps an interpreter, application script and ancilliary files into a single executable.
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This paper was originally published in the Sixth Annual Tcl/Tk Workshop, September 14-18, 1998, San Diego, California, USA
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