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Large Scale System Administration of Windows NT Workshop, 1997

Large Scale System Administration of Windows NT Workshop, 1997
August 14-16, 1997
Seattle, Washington, USA

Thursday, August 14, 1997

Keynote Address - From UNIX to Windows NT--A Long Day's Journey Into Night
David Korn AT&T Laboratories

See the conference overview for a summary of the keynote.

Administration I - Enterprise Management

Domain Engineering for Mission Critical Environment
Chris Rouland, Lehman Brothers

In Search of a Complete and Scalable Systems Administration Suite
J.A. Verdoes,Shell International Exploration and Production BV
Slide presentation

Large Scale NT Operations Management
Steven Hearn, Westpac Banking Corporation

Invited Talk: MS/Zero Administration Windows
Dan Plastina, Microsoft

Administration II - Integration

Integrating Windows 95/NT into an existing UNIX Enterprise Network
Cameron D. Luerkens, Mark J. Bartelme, Kevin K. Sizer, James `Bud' Lande, Rockwell Avionics and Communications, Collins.
Slide presentation

Friday, August 15, 1997


UWIN - UNIX for Windows
David G. Korn, AT&T Laboratories

Utilizing Low-Level NTFS Disk Structures for Rapid Disk Searching
Michael Fredrick, PSA

Adding Response Time Measurement of CIFS File Server Performance to NetBench
Karl L. Swartz, Network Appliance
Slide presentation (PowerPoint)

Works-in-Progress Session

Cloning and Unattended Installation
Kimbik Soques, AMD

WINS in the Lehman Infrastructure
Chris Rouland, Lehman Brothers

Invited Talk: MS/Security in Windows NT 5.0
Peter Brundrett, Microsoft

Saturday, August 16, 1997

Administration III - Miscellaneous

Implementing Large NT Networks in a Heterogeneous Computing Environment at SLAC
Andrea Chan, Freddie Chow, Jonathan Wong, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Effective Use of Individual User Profiles with Software Distribution
Mark Murray and Troy Roberts, Interprovincial Pipe Line Inc.

Choosing a Backup Environment
Jody Schivley Leber,Lehman Brothers, Inc.

Invited Talk: Microsoft and Systems Management
David Hamilton, Microsoft

Administration IV - Large Scale Miscellaneous

Systems Administration of Scientific Computing on NT
Rémy Evard and Michail Gomberg, Argonne National Laboratory
Slide presentation

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