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USENIX Technical Program - LISA-NT 99

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LISA-NT--The 2nd Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference
July 14-17, 1999
Seattle, Washington, USA


Friday, July 16

Large Installation Management

Scalable, Remote Administration of Windows NT
Michail Gomberg, Craig Stacey, and Janet Sayre, Argonne National Laboratory

A Networked Machine Management System
Dave Roth, Roth Consulting

State-Driven Software Installation for Windows NT
Martin Sjölin, Warburg Dillon Read (WDR)

Non-Traditional Solutions

NFS and SMB Data Sharing Within a Heterogeneous Environment: A Real World Study
Alan Epps, Dr. Glenn Bailey, and Douglas Glatz, Tektronix

Administering Windows NT Domains Using a Non-Windows NT PDC
Gerald Carter, Auburn University

Radio Dial-in Connectivity to NT Networks
Kenneth O. May and P. Eng, ISM, a member of IBM Global Services

Saturday, July 17

Windows NT Management Scenarios

NT Security in an Open Academic Environment
Gregg Daly, Gary Buhrmaster, Matthew Campbell, Andrea Chan, Robert Cowles, Ernest Denys, Patrick Hancox, Bill Johnson, David Leung, and Jeff Lwin, Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

Deployment of Microsoft Windows NT in a Design Engineering Environment
Jason Sampson, Elwood Coslett, Gary Washington, Bob Paauwe, Russ Craft, and Kevin Wheeler, Intel

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