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LISA-NT--2nd Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference. July 14-17, 1999. Westin Hotel. Seattle, Washington, USA

For Administrators of Windows NT or Heterogeneous Sites

LISA-NT - 2nd Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference
July 14-17, 1999
Seattle, Washington

Sponsored by USENIX and Co-Sponsored by SAGE, the System Administrators Guild

Dear Colleague,

Each year, as systems and network administrators, we face new and interesting requirements from both the users and the operating systems we support. However, there is no need to go it alone, nor is there any need to continue to use solutions designed for yesterday's networks.

It is with this idea of sharing solutions and practical updates on the best tools and technologies for managing Windows NT that we have put together LISA-NT -The 2nd Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference.

For 1999, the LISA-NT Conference has an outstanding program of refereed papers and invited talks, preceded by two days of outstanding tutorials. You'll hear direct from Microsoft project leaders what's coming next in NT. You'll find successful techniques for integrating NT and other high-performance systems, especially UNIX, and managing the issues of connectivity, large Windows NT deployments, and much more that you face. Security, of NT and of your network, is of especial concern, and we have scheduled a comprehensive series of expert presentations.

LISA-NT will bring together NT administrators with real-world solutions all in one place for your benefit. Perhaps more important is that you will have the opportunity to meet your peers who are in similar circumstances and learn from each other.

If you manage Windows NT, this is a conference that you need to attend. Regardless of the number of clients on your network or the complexity you face, we believe you will benefit from our collection of timely, practical information. You will most certainly take home ideas that will spark your own creativity and ingenuity.

We look forward to seeing you in Seattle.

For the Program Committee of the 2nd Large Installation System Administration of Windows NT Conference,

Gerald Carter, Auburn University
Ralph Loura, Cisco Systems, Inc.

P.S. For focused and very practical instruction, attend the two days of USENIX tutorials which follow the Symposium and preceed the Conference. Tutorials offer some of the best instructors in the field, concentrating on essentials of Windows NT, its key technologies, and integration of NT with traditional high-performance systems like UNIX.

P.P.S. Attendance is limited by the size of the hotel, so please register early to ensure your seat. In particular, register quickly for tutorials.

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