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  Special Workshop on Intelligence at the Network Edge
March 20, 2000
San Francisco, California, USA


Session 1 - QoS at the Edge

Smartbox Architecture
Bülent Yener, Bell Laboratories

Integrating Active Networking and Commercial-Grade Routing Platforms
R. Jaeger and S. Bhattachargee, University of Maryland; J. K. Hollingsworth, R. Duncan, T. Lavian, and F. Travostino, Nortel Networks

Panel: "Qos Provisioning at the Network Edge
Michel Burge, Nortel; Rob Jaeger, Chair, University of Maryland; Hilarie Orman, Novell; Jonathan Smith, University of Pennsylvania; and John Vicente, Intel
            QoS Provisioning at the Network Edge (HTML or Power Point)
                         by John Vicente
            Active Networking Fast Path to QoS (HTML or Power Point)
                         by Hilarie Orman

Session 2 - Addressing at the Edge

RSIP: Address Sharing with End-to-End Security
Michael Borella, 3Com Corp., and Gabriel E. Montenegro, Sun Microsystems Laboratories

Panel: "Internet Addressing at the Edge"
Michael S. Borella, 3Com Corp.; Dave Cheriton, Stanford University; Steve Deering, Cisco; Gabriel Montenegro, Chair, Sun Microsystems; and Christoph Schuba, Sun Microsystems
            TRIAD and Internet Addressing at the Edge (HTML or Power Point)
                         by Dave Cheriton
            IPv6 for the Network Edge (HTML or Power Point)
                         by Steve Deering
            Supernetworking: Virtual Address Resolution at the Edge (PDF)
                         by Christoph Schuba

Session 3 - Content Caching at the Edge

Towards a Platform for Intelligent Activity at the Edge
Hilarie Orman, Novell, Inc.

ICAP at Network Edge Caches (HTML or Power Point)
Gary Tomlinson, Novell, Inc.

Session 4 - Why Put Intelligence at the Network Edge?

Open Session on Intelligence at the Network Edge (HTML or Power Point)
Dan Nessett, 3Com

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