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USENIX Technical Program - ES 99

Workshop on Embedded Systems
March 29-31, 1999
Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA


Tuesday, March 30

Computer Everywhere

The Personal Node (PN)
Gregory G. Finn and Joe Touch, University of Southern California

Discourse with Disposable Computers: How and Why You Will Talk to Your Tomatoes
David Arnold, Bill Segall, Julian Boot, Andy Bond, Melfyn Lloyd, and Simon Kaplan, Distributed Systems Technology Centre

Smart Office Spaces
Bora A. Akyol, Matt Fredette, Alden W. Jackson, Rajesh Krishnan, David Mankins, Craig Partridge, Nicholas Shectman, and Gregory D. Troxel, BBN Technologies

Networking Infrastructure

AirJava: Networking for Smart Spaces
Kevin L. Mills, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Bringing the Internet to All Electronic Devices
Michael Howard and Christopher S. Sontag, emWare Inc.

RETHER: A Software-Only Real-Time Ethernet for PLC Networks
Tzi-cker Chiueh, State University of New York at Stony Brook


Pebble: A Component-Based Operating System for Embedded Applications
John Bruno, José Brustoloni, Eran Gabber, Avi Silberschatz, and Christopher Small, Lucent Technologies--Bell Laboratories

Massively Distributed Systems: Design Issues and Challenges
Dan Nessett, 3Com Corporation

Wednesday, March 31


Learning in Intelligent Embedded Systems
Daniel D. Lee, Lucent Technologies--Bell Laboratories, and H. Sebastian Seung, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Using Mobile Code Interfaces to Control Ubiquitous Embedded Systems
Kari Kangas and Juha Röning, University of Oulu

Challenges in Embedded Database System Administration
Margo I. Seltzer, Harvard University, and Michael A. Olson, Sleepycat Software

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