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Call for Papers

Call for Papers
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MobiSys 2005 Paper Submission Instructions

Quick Version

  1. Create account at
  2. Start a paper submission no later than Nov. 3rd, 12:00 Midnight EST.
  3. Upload final submission no later than Nov. 8th, 12:00 Midnight EST.
  4. Finalize submission no later than Nov. 9th, 12:00 Midnight EST. Note that while you have some additional time to finalize your submission, you cannot change it in any way after Nov. 8th, Midnight EST.
If you are having trouble, email

Detailed Instructions
All paper submissions will be handled electronically, using the Conference Review Package (CRP). The submission site is hosted here.

Only registered users may submit papers. Registrations are not shared across CRP conferences, so even if you've used CRP before, you will have to register a new account.

After you register, you will be sent an email message that includes a CRP-generated password. This password will enable you to log in to the MobiSys CRP site. You can change this password later if you like. However, CRP stores passwords in cleartext in a local database. Do not use a password that has value to you elsewhere.

Once you are registered, you may submit one or more papers. Paper submission is a three-step process:

  • Starting a submission
  • Uploading a submission
  • Finalizing a submission
Starting a Paper
The first step in submitting a paper is "Starting" the submission. To start a submission, log in to CRP, and click on the "Author" button, then the "Start" button. You can then enter information for the paper you wish to submit. You will be asked to provide:
  • Paper title
  • A text-only abstract (200 words or less)
  • Author names and affiliations
  • Author collaborators and secondary affiliations
  • Paper topics
The first three items identify the paper and its authors; the third and fourth identify potential conflicts of interest. You are free to declare conflicts of interest as you see fit, but at a minimum should list any PC members who are current or former co-authors. If you have questions about potential conflicts of interest, please email the chairs. We believe in erring on the side of caution.

There are one dozen potential topics relevant to your paper:

  • Networking
  • Applications
  • Devices
  • Power
  • Security and Privacy
  • Usability
  • Case Studies and Experience
  • Distributed Systems
  • Data Management
  • Tools/System Support
  • Context/Location
  • Infrastructure/Services
You may select any combination that best describes the content of your paper. Your selections are used only to help us assign papers to the most qualified PC members for review.

Uploading a Paper
Once a paper has been Started, you can upload the paper itself. On the "Tasks for Authors" page, you will find a list of all papers you have Started, regardless of where they are in the submission process. You can upload a new version of a paper at any time until either the paper is Finalized or the submission deadline passes, and can upload more than once if necessary.

Submissions should be full papers, no more than 14 single-spaced 8.5" x 11" pages, including figures, tables, and references, two-column format, using 10-point type on 12-point (single-spaced) leading. There is no minimum length, but papers so short as to be extended abstracts may be returned without review. All papers should identify their authors and institutional affiliations on the cover page. All submissions should be in PDF. Please be sure that your paper prints correctly in black and white and that all required fonts are properly embedded. If we cannot print your paper, we cannot review it.

Submissions will be judged on originality, significance, interest, clarity, relevance, and correctness. Accepted papers may be shepherded through an editorial review process by a member of the program committee. MobiSys, like most conferences and journals, requires that papers must not be submitted simultaneously to any other conference or publication, that submissions must not be previously published, and that accepted papers must not be subsequently published elsewhere. Papers accompanied by non-disclosure agreement forms are not acceptable and will be returned to the author(s) unread. All submissions will be held in the highest confidentiality prior to publication in the Proceedings, both as a matter of policy and in accord with the U.S. Copyright Act of 1976.

After the paper is uploaded, you will be given a chance to download it, to check for proper transmission. You are strongly encouraged to do so.

The deadline for uploading a paper is 12:00 Midnight EST, November 8th. Please do not ask for extensions. If you are planning to work on your submission right up to the deadline, you may wish to submit a preliminary version earlier, to avoid the obvious race condition!

Finalizing a Paper
When you have uploaded the version that you wish to submit, you must Finalize the paper. Finalization is "final," in that you cannot uploaded a new version of a Finalized paper. PAPERS THAT ARE SUBMITTED BUT NOT FINALIZED MAY NOT BE REVIEWED.

Questions and Problems
If you have any questions about the submission process, or problems submitting a paper, please email the program chairs at

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