HotOS-V Program

Session 0: Panel: What Do Applications Really Need From the OS: Are we answering the right questions? (Hank Levy)
Are We Answering the Right Research Questions for Commercial Operating Systems? D. Hamilton, HP Labs

Ron Gilbert & Brad Taylor, Game Developers, Humongous Entertainment

Chris Hecker, Applications Developer, Microsoft Corporation

Tom Creighton, Applications Developer, WordPerfect (Novell Corporation)
Session 1: Real-Time and Multimedia (Kevin Jeffay)
Real-Time Is No Longer a Small Specialized Niche, K. Nilson, Iowa State University

Continuous & Multimedia OS Support In Real-Time Control Applications, J. Stankovic, University of Massachusetts

Modular Real-Time Resource Management in the Rialto Operating System, M.B. Jones, P.J. Leach, J.S. Barrera, III, & R.P. Draves, Microsoft Corporation

Real-Time Operating Systems for Multimedia Processing, D.I. Katcher, K.A. Kettler & J.K. Strosnider, Carnegie Mellon University
Session 2: Communication for Wireless/Mobile (Kai Li)
Effective Wireless Communication through Application Partitioning, T. Watson, University of Washington

Intelligent Communication Filtering for Limited Bandwidth Environments, B. Zenel & D. Duchamp, Columbia University

Efficient TCP over Networks with Wireless Links, E. Amir, H. Balakrishnan, S. Seshan & R.H. Katz, UC Berkeley
Session 3: OS Structure (Michael Powell)
Exterminate All Operating System Abstractions, D.R. Engler & M.F. Kaashoek, MIT

Scout: A Communications-Oriented Operating System, A.B. Montz, D. Mosberger, S.W. O'Malley, L.L. Peterson, T.A. Proebsting, University of Arizona

Protection is a Software Issue, B.N. Bershad, S. Savage, P. Pardyak, D. Becker, M. Fiuczynski, & E.G. Sirer, University of Washington

AVM: Application-Level Virtual Memory, D.R. Engler, S.K. Gupta, & M.F. Kaashoek, MIT

The Grand Unified Theory of Address Spaces, A. Lindstrom, J. Rosenberg, & A. Dearle, University of Sydney & University of Stirling
Session 4: The Internet (Paul Leach)
Operating Systems Support for Busy Internet Services, J.C. Mogul, DEC WRL

Operating System Support for Mobile Agents, D. Johansen, R. van Renesse, & F.B. Schneider, Cornell University

Meta-scripts as a Mechanism for Complex Web Services, M. Devarakonda, A. Mukherjee, & B. Kish, IBM T.J. Watson Research Center

The Case for Geographical Push-Caching, J. Gwertzman & M. Seltzer, Harvard University
Session 5: Objects and Meta-Objects (Robbert van Renesse)
Paramecium: An Extensible Object-Based Kernel, L. van Doorn, P. Homburg, & A.S. Tanenbaum, Vrije University

Choices2: An Object-Oriented Multimedia Operating System, R.H. Campbell & S.-M. Tan, University of Illinois

Adaptive Operating System Design Using Reflection, R. Lea, Y. Yokote, & J.-I. Itoh, Sony CSL

Application of Meta-Protocols to Improve OS Services, D.B. Orr, University of Utah
Session 6: Distribution / SVM (Paulo Guedes)
Distributed Shared Memory: Where We Are and Where We Should Be Headed? J.B. Carter, D. Khandekar, & L. Kamb, University of Utah

A Memory Approach to Consistent, Reliable Distributed Shared Memory, N.C. Juul & B.D. Fleisch, UC Riverside

Generic Support for Synchronization and Consistency in Arias, E. Perez-Cortes, Pascal Dechamboux, & J. Han, Bull-IMAG Systems
Session 7: Managing Data (David Reed)
Improving Data Consistency in Mobile Computing Using Isolation-Only Transactions, Q. Lu & M. Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Mellon University

Shared Data Management Needs Adaptive Methods, J. O'Toole & L. Shrira, MIT

Using Dynamic Sets to Overcome High I/O Latencies During Search, D. Steere & M. Satyanarayanan, Carnegie Mellon University

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